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What product is made for my MacBook Air?

This depends on which MacBook Air Model you have! The LandingZone 2.0 PRO and 2.0 LITE are models made for MacBook Air released Mid-2012 to 2014. The 1.0 PRO works with MacBook Air Models released in 2010 to 2011.

Our LandingZone models for the MacBook Air come in two sizes, an 11-inch and 13-inch version. We use the MacBook Models and Release Dates to identify which MacBook Model you have. Please take a look at this chart to see which LandingZone Model is compatible with your MacBook Air:

MacBook Model Number Release Date Size Your MacBook Air is Compatible with:
A1370 Early 2010 to June 2012 11-inch 11-inch LandingZone 1.0 PRO
A1369 Early 2010 to June 2012 13-inch 13-inch LandingZone 1.0 PRO
A1465 June 2012 to Current 11-inch 11-inch LandingZone 2.0 PRO or 2.0 LITE
A1466 June 2012 to Current 13-inch 13-inch LandingZone 2.0 PRO or 2.0 LITE


Why is my iPhone/iPad/iPod charging slowly or not at all?

The iPhone charges at 1.0 amps, and the iPad charges at 2.1 amps. With the LandingZone power adapter plugged in, the LandingZone 3.0 ports will emit a charge of 0.9 amps. Your iPhone and iPad will still charge, only at a slower rate. And since it does not fulfill the 1.0 amperage charge, the iPhone and iPad may display a message saying it is not charging, even when it is.

Use the USB port on the left side of the LandingZone 2.0 PRO or 1.0 PRO for the MacBook Air to enable high speed charging.

For high-speed charging with the DOCK or DOCK Express, use the native USB port on your MacBook, left uncovered by the LandingZone.

My Macbook is not charging!

Please make sure you properly inserted the MacBook's MagSafe or MagSafe 2 power connector into the LandingZone's MagSafe Slot located on the left wing.

Will LandingZone charge my MacBook?

Only Apple's Magsafe or MagSafe 2 power connector can charge your MacBook. Taking this into consideration, all LandingZone models are designed with a MagSafe Slot so you can use your MagSafe (1.0 PRO) or MagSafe 2 (DOCK, DOCK Express, 2.0 PRO, 2.0 LITE) power adapter to charge your MacBook while docked to the LandingZone.

How can I find the MAC or EHA address of my LandingZone?

In Mac OS X, your MAC (Media Access Control) address is defined by the hardware of each Ethernet port. The MAC address is sometimes also called the Ethernet Hardware Address (EHA). To get to the right area of your computer, select System Preferences then Network.

Look at the left column of the Network preferences window. Click the name AX88179 USB 3.0 to Gigabit Ethernet Driver for LandingZone 2.0 PRO, or LAN9500 for LandingZone 1.0 PRO.

Next, click Advanced to the bottom right of the new connection information. At the top navigation find Hardware. Look for Mac Address above Configure. The string of letters and numbers next to MAC Address is what you're looking for.

My WiFi connection disables when I'm using Ethernet. Can this be fixed?

Our new Ethernet drivers allow you to use WiFi and Ethernet to simultaneously. If you've discovered that while one is active the other is disabled, please download the most recent driver. If you are still having issues, please contact our Customer Support Team.

Why am I getting freezes and kernel panics when docking and undocking?

You have not downloaded our most recent Ethernet driver. We have a new updated driver available for download. Please use the newest driver for the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro with Retina display. Simply scroll to Ethernet for [ Your LandingZone Model ] and select Mac OS X to download the driver. If you are experiencing these operating system issues with any other MacBook Air series, please contact us.

Where do I find your Ethernet driver on my laptop so I can uninstall it?

Find the Ethernet driver download or download an Ethernet driver again from our website. Inside the driver folder there will be an uninstall packet. You can also download the Uninstall code separately by going to our Uninstall Instructions.

Click the Uninstall code inside the folder or from the file. A Terminal window will pop up on your screen. If you have a password protected computer, the Terminal will ask you to use your password. Type [delete] a few times to clear the typing area of any accidental letters or symbols. Your password will not show as you type it into the screen. If you think you have made a mistake repeat [delete] and try again until you're sure of what you wrote. Press [return] and you should see, "logout... Process Completed." If you instead see, "login failed," you will need to delete the text area and type your password in again. Once the driver has been uninstalled, every time you open up the Uninstall code it will display, "Process Completed".

What is the difference between USB 3.0 and USB 2.0?

Signal strength and power usage are both different for USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports connected to the computer externally and internally inside the computer. Ports on any USB hub will provide less signal strength to the external devices than the computer would. For that reason, the LandingZone 1.0 PRO and 2.0 PRO for the MacBook Air have retained one USB pass-through port. A pass-through port relays most of the signal strength while docking the USB device. Use the pass-through USB port for charging iPhones, iPods or small portable devices. iPads and other larger devices should be charged separately at the wall or through another source, but can be synced through the USB ports on the back or side ports.

2.4 GHz wireless devices, like wireless keyboards and mouse adapters, may not work in close proximity to USB 3.0 devices or hubs. Instead of using a USB 3.0 port, use a USB 2.0 port or a separate USB 2.0 hub for wireless USB devices.

I have to unplug and plug my ethernet cable again, or reinstall the Gigabit Ethernet driver, when my MacBook comes out of Sleep Mode.

Your computer may be experiencing an operating system malfunction. If the screen on your MacBook tends to go black after Sleep is engaged and requires an extra turn-on, you should consult with Apple Support directly. Other Apple customers have experienced these difficulties. For more information, visit this forum.If you do not need to turn-on your computer again after entering Sleep Mode, please uninstall the ethernet driver. Download and install the most recent Gigabit Ethernet driver. If you continue to experience sporadic ethernet functionality without these black screen errors please contact us.

Why does my ethernet show 'not connected' all the time?

You can manually create the ethernet connection under "Network" on your Macbook and the ethernet connection will automatically connect from then on. To do this, please follow the instructions below.

  1. Go to "Network" under "System Preferences".
  2. Click on the "+" below the list of possible connections. (You may need to click "-" to remove the existing connection first)
  3. Select "AX88179 USB 3.0 to Gigabit Ethernet" from the drop downlist and click "Create".
  4. Select the newly create ethernet connection and click "Apply".

This should enable the ethernet connection through the LandingZone and if you undock and dock the Macbook Air, the ethernet should now automatically connect.

Which Ethernet driver do I need to download for my docking station?

All LandingZone drivers can be downloaded at Download Drivers. They are listed by device and operating system. Mac OS X 10.9 and earlier are supported by our device drivers. Windows bootcamp drivers are available for Windows 7, 8, and 8.1.

Ethernet drivers which support the DOCK for MacBook Pro with Retina display can be downloaded with complete instructions for installation over OS X.

2.0 PRO customers with a MacBook Air ( Model A1466 or A1465 ) can download the driver with instructions for their MacBook Air by operating system.

For earlier MacBook Air using a 1.0 PRO docking station, the v2.2.0 is at the bottom of the drivers page or at the top of the instructions.

All Windows Bootcamp drivers are available for download from the driver page.

If you find that you cannot get the Ethernet to work on either operating system, first make sure you have installed the correct driver for your system.

How do I listen through the Audio port on the LandingZone?

Connect your speakers or headphones into the LandingZone's Audio port. Then, you will change the sound device in System Preferences. The LandingZone's Audio port is its own port outside of the MacBook's connections and will need to be changed inside the System Preferences on your MacBook Pro.

Follow these steps to change your MacBook's audio output from Mac OS X:

  1. Go to System Preferences
  2. Go to the speaker icon or click Sound
  3. In the Sound panel, highlight the Output tab
  4. Under Select a device for sound output, select " USB PnP Sound Device "
  5. Make sure your Volume is not muted
  6. Play your sounds
I just received my LandingZone. Why isn't my Ethernet port working?

Please download the correct drivers for your LandingZone model on the Drivers page here.

Can I use wireless devices while docked to the LandingZone?

Yes, you can.

Please note that it is well documented that wireless interference can occur between USB 3.0 devices and a 2.4 GHz wireless connection. Typically wireless mice and keyboards can operate at a long range.

USB 3.0 interference can lower the distance between operable devices. This interference is less likely to interrupt Bluetooth devices but may decrease their range.

At a desk, these distances would not affect usability, but for a longer range (3-4 feet) connect the wireless mouse or keyboard to the MacBook computer through the open USB port on the computer, the USB 2.0 ports, or through Bluetooth.

What is my MacBook Model Number, and how do I find it?

Your MacBook Model Number helps identify which MacBook Model you have. Together with the Release Date, we can know which LandingZone is suitable for your MacBook.

The model number is located on the underside of your MacBook Air. Simply flip your MacBook over and look at the small printed description. The Model Number 5 characters; beginning with the letter ‘A’ and followed by a 4 digit number.

Will your LandingZone DOCK and DOCK Express for the MacBook Pro with Retina display work with the MacBook Pro?

No. The DOCK and DOCK Express have specific ports and connections not included with the original MacBook Pro. LandingZone Docking Stations only support the MacBook Pro with Retina display laptops at this time.

What product is made for my MacBook Pro with Retina display?

This depends on which MacBook Pro with Retina display Model you have! The LandingZone DOCK and DOCK Express are LandingZone models made for the MacBook Pro with Retina display, first released by Apple starting in 2012.

Our LandingZone models for the MacBook Pro with Retina display come in two sizes, a 13-inch and 15-inch size. We use the MacBook Models and Release Dates to identify which MacBook Model you have.

Please take a look at this chart to see which LandingZone Model is compatible with your MacBook Pro with Retina display:

MacBook Model Number Release Date Size Your MacBook Pro is Compatible with:
A1425 2012 – Oct 2013 13-inch 13-inch LandingZone DOCK or DOCK Express
A1502 Oct 2013 - Current 13-inch 13-inch LandingZone DOCK or DOCK Express
A1398 June 2012 - current 15-inch 15-inch LandingZone DOCK or DOCK Express


I have a cover/case for my MacBook, can I still dock to the LandingZone?

Any covers or cases that add thickness to your MacBook will make docking very difficult. In most cases, it will prevent docking altogether. Before docking, uncover the MacBook and remove any case.

Before you buy, consider how this extra step may hamper your workflow. If you haven't purchased your MacBook computer cover, try a skin instead. We like SkinIt because the company guarantees their product will be compatible with all your accessories.

How will LandingZone change my working environment?

Apple offers a very portable option with its MacBook. To compliment this ease of access, LandingZone attaches to other devices so that the MacBook can be used on-the-go all the time.

It also adds functions to the laptop for single-use. After setting up the MacBook in a LandingZone Docking Station, the laptop has an improved ability to connect up to five devices and Ethernet at the same time. Exact functions and features change depending on which LandingZone Docking Station is being used.

While operating a MacBook with a LandingZone, you are able to use external monitors while using your own computer with the lid open or closed. This can enhance desktop space or simply provide you with a larger screen depending on your setup.

LandingZone serves as a laptop stand as well. The keyboard of a MacBook is elevated by the LandingZone and promotes wrist posture, making it easier to type over long periods.

What is a Pass-Through port?

A pass-through port functions as an intermediary between your device and the MacBook. It allows your device the same functions as if it were plugged directly into the MacBook, but with an added benefit of keeping it connected to the LandingZone when you dock or undock.

Unlike standard USB ports on a hub, pass-through ports operate at the same power level as the ports on the MacBook. Use pass-through USB ports for faster charging of iPhones, iPads, iPods or small portable devices.

iPhone/iPad/iPod charges slowly

Use the USB pass-through port on the left side of the LandingZone 2.0 PRO or 1.0 PRO for the MacBook Air to enable high-speed charging.

The LandingZone DOCK does not have any USB 3.0 pass-through ports. Power the dock USB 3.0 Hub with the LandingZone Power adapter before attempting to charge your mobile device.

Why won’t the LandingZone power a USB hard disk drive?

Our device can be used with many USB hard drives. If you are struggling with one brand, please let us know. If your docking station was working with the hard drive and suddenly stopped, please contact us.

For newer users, here are a few suggestions: First, plug in your LandingZone power adapter, then secure the MacBook’s MagSafe power adapter into the docking station. Second, make sure the devices work when connected directly to the MacBook. Lastly, make sure your USB hard drive is plugged into a wall outlet if necessary.

My USB devices are not working.

Make sure that both sides of the LandingZone are completely closed and the USB connectors are fully inserted into the MacBook computer. Confirm that the power adapter is properly plugged into your wall outlet and connected to the LandingZone. (LandingZone PRO and DOCK models only). The On/Off Indicator Light should glow.

Will the Apple Superdrive Connect to the LandingZone’s USB port?

The Apple SuperDrive is designed to work only when connected to the MacBook directly. This means it will not work through any hubs, including the LandingZone’s.

Why is it telling me the USB device needs more power?

Three USB ports take more power than one, and some USB devices need more power than others. Use the power adapter provided with your LandingZone and plug it into the circular port on the back of the LandingZone.

What is the LandingZone Power Adapter for?

The LandingZone's AC power adapter allows your USB ports to function at their best. With the power adapter connected, your USB 3.0 ports will operate at their full capacity of 0.9 amps and your USB 2.0 ports will operate at their full capacity of 0.5 amps. Whenever you are using one USB 3.0 port or more, make sure you have your LandingZone power adapter plugged in.

Please note the LandingZone AC power adapter is not for charging your MacBook. Use your MacBook's MagSafe or MagSafe 2 power connector for charging.

The wings on the LandingZone do not close properly!

Check to see that all LandingZone ports are aligning properly with the MacBook's.

Place your MacBook’s MagSafe or MagSafe 2 power adapter into the LandingZone’s MagSafe slot and tighten the MagSafe into place. Then, place your MacBook into the LandingZone by using the back guideposts and grooves. Align the connectors so they fit into the MacBook ports, then carefully close the wings of the LandingZone around your MacBook. The MagSafe or MagSafe 2 magnets should click when your MacBook is docked.

If you still find it hard to close the wings, please contact our Customer Support Team at support@landingzone.net.

How do I dock?

Docking is simple once you get the hang of it. Here are some steps to help you get started:

First, remove any plastic lining covering your LandingZone. If you use a MacBook case, take it off before you dock.

    1. Place your closed MacBook on the LandingZone docking station with both hands

    2. Gently push your MacBook in until it meets the two guide posts and will not slide back any further

    3. Check to see that all ports are aligned and line them up if necessary (you shouldn't have to move it very much if at all)

    4. Place your thumbs on top of the closed laptop and your index and middle fingers on the LandingZone's sides

    5. Use your thumbs to press down on the MacBook's lid, holding it in place, and push the wings of the LandingZone in with your fingers
(we prefer middle and ring fingers)

How do I undock?

Eject any hard disk drives or thumbdrives and pull on the Release Lever to undock your MacBook.

How do I use an external monitor with Windows 7 Bootcamp?

For using an external monitor with Win 7 bootcamp:

  1. Go to Control Panel > Hardware & Sound > Power Options.
  2. Look at the left side bar of links and select Choose what closing the lid does.
  3. Next to When I close the lid under On Battery and/or Plugged in, select Do nothing.

You’re ready.
If you are operating the LandingZone in Mavericks OS X or up, and you have already used the directions above to enable an external display, then the computer may be in Sleep Mode and not be responsive when tapping an external keyboard or mouse. Simply open the computer's lid and tap the keyboard or trackpad on the MacBook before closing it again to work on the external monitor. This is a new difficulty that recently appeared in Mavericks and did not occur in Mountain Lion or earlier OS X versions.

Can you use a MacBook while it’s locked?

Yes, the lock can be in use while the computer is functioning and open.

Can I run Windows while docked to LandingZone?

Yes, you can use run Windows through Windows Bootcamp.

How well does LandingZone lock the computer?

A Security Slot will help prevent theft with a Kensington keyed laptop lock while left alone or during use in public places. When it's locked the Release Lever may break, but will not pull open. It uses a solid steel mechanism that secured by a laptop lock will prevent the closed sides and Release Lever from opening, even when the Release Lever is pulled by mechanical forces.

For the most security, attach the cable to a desk bolted to the floor, or a cabinet door handle. We cannot make any claims about cable strength. Consider each lock option and choose the one you feel will work.

How you secure the MacBook Air or MacBook Pro will modify the available resources of a thief. Consult with your local police department or security professional for common MacBook computer theft techniques and how you can use a laptop lock more effectively.

Place the laptop key on your keyring and make an extra for an emergency situation so that you will always be able to come back to your computer.

If you live or work in a place without any objects fastened to a floor or a wall, read about this Theft Prevention software which installs a security camera on your computer for these sort of situations. When you are around and working on your computer, the cable lock will prevent someone from picking up your computer and running away with it. If you have to leave your computer overnight in an un-secure location, multiple security measures can prevent or thwart attacks against your property.

Can you connect two external monitors to the LandingZones for the MacBook Pro with Retina display?

Yes, you can connect two external monitors to all LandingZone DOCK and DOCK Express models. All you need to use is the appropriate adaper that connects to the LandingZone’s Mini DisplayPort or HDMI port. DVI / HDMI / VGA, and DisplayPort are supported monitor connections.

Is it possible to connect two monitors to the LandingZone 1.0 PRO?
External-Monitors 1-0-PRO-for-MacBook-Air

" style="">

The LandingZone 1.0 PRO supports dual monitors with single-step docking through the use of adapters. You need a Mini DisplayPort to a VGA/DVI/HDMI adapter for your first monitor. For the second monitor you would use one of the USB 2.0 ports and an additional adapter to connect to this second display. You can keep your MacBook Air open or closed while you work on these dual screens.

The USB 2.0 to VGA/DVI/HDMI adapter requires OS 10.8.3 and up.

Supporting devices
Mini DisplayPort/Thunderbolt to VGA/DVI/HDMI
USB 3.0/2.0 to VGA/DVI/HDMI adapter

We can recommend a few adapter suppliers, DisplayLink has the most promising technology.
With the docking station, these monitors will connect at the same time and provide you with more working area.

Does the LandingZone 2.0 LITE dock a monitor?

The monitor or HDD associated with the Thunderbolt port on a new MacBook Air 2012 or 2013 cannot be docked with the 2.0 LITE. There is a Thunderbolt Cutout for the LandingZone 2.0 LITE instead of a Mini DisplayPort. If you would like to dock a monitor or HDD using a Mini DisplayPort or Thunderbolt connection, we recommend purchasing a LandingZone 2.0 PRO. Alternatively, you can use a USB 3.0 display adapter to dock a monitor with the LITE. These USB 3.0 display adapters are sold separately by third parties.

Can you connect two monitors to the LandingZone 2.0 PRO?

Yes. The LandingZone 2.0 PRO is equipped with many ports, including three USB 3.0 ports and a Mini DisplayPort / Thunderbolt pass-through port and supports dual monitors with single-step docking through the use of adapters. Use a Mini DisplayPort or Thunderbolt to a DVI / HDMI / VGA / DisplayPort adapter for your first monitor. For the second monitor you would use one of the USB 3.0 ports and an USB 3.0 to HDMI / VGA adapter to connect to this second display.

In an optional arrangement, you could use a dual-port Thunderbolt HDD and Thunderbolt monitor to connect the screens to your computer by utilizing a single port, the Mini DisplayPort. Connect a Thunderbolt monitor to a dual-port Thunderbolt HDD. Then, connect a second monitor to the dual-port Thunderbolt HDD with or without a Thunderbolt adapter if you have a second Apple Thunderbolt monitor. Finally, plug in the Thunderbolt monitor's native cable to the LandingZone's Mini DisplayPort. The devices will display automatically.

While you work on these dual screens, you can keep your MacBook Air open or closed (Clamshell Mode).

The USB 3.0 to VGA/DVI adapter requires OS X 10.8.3 and up.

Supporting devices
Mini DisplayPort/Thunderbolt to VGA/DVI
USB 3.0 to VGA/DVI adapter
(optional) LaCie or other dual port Thunderbolt HDD to use with a Thunderbolt Monitor.
There are a few adapter suppliers, DisplayLink has the most promising technology. For users who have recently updated to Mavericks, please notice their current bulletin before considering this option seriously >>Read more.

With the docking station, these monitors will connect at the same time and provide you with more working area.

My DisplayPort cable will not go into the 2.0 LITE’s Thunderbolt Cutout because it's too thick.

The Cutout was made for Apple Mini DisplayPort and Thunderbolt cables. DisplayPort is a larger cable width and will not slide through the Thunderbolt Cutout. Apple Mini DisplayPort and Thunderbolt cables are the same size and will work with the Thunderbolt Cutout. For reference, the Mini DisplayPort head is approximately, 6 mm or 1/4 inch wide.

When my MacBook is closed, I cannot access my monitor.

To access your monitor when your MacBook lid is closed, aka Closed Clamshell Mode, you must have your MacBook’s MagSafe or MagSafe 2 power connector, a mouse and/or keyboard connected to the LandingZone.

Where can I find my MacBook’s Release Date?

You can find your MacBook’s Release Date by clicking on the icon > About This Mac.

Does LandingZone display on an iMac?

To work in Target Display mode on iMac, hit [Command] + F2 while you have the Mini DisplayPort to Mini DisplayPort or Thunderbolt to Thunderbolt connector plugged into both machines. You can also press [Command] + Fn + F2.

Where is my tracking number?

You will receive a tracking number over email as soon as we create a shipping label for your package. It will be sent from UPS QUANTUM VIEW or TNT shipping services. Tracking information about your package includes projected delivery dates, location, and tracking numbers.

International customers may receive Exceptions on their delivery as these packages cross international borderlines, so a little patience goes a long way! Unless you are contacted by phone by UPS, emailed by us, or have missed delivery, these Exception notifications are informing you the package is crossing into your country.

What Thunderbolt Hard Disk Drives do you recommend for the LandingZone′s Mini DisplayPort?
  • Buffalo MiniStation Thunderbolt
  • Seagate Thunderbolt Adapter
  • My Book Thunderbolt Duo
  • Promise Technology PegasusR4
  • LaCie Little Big Disk
  • LaCie Rugged

*The LandingZone 2.0 PRO’s Mini DisplayPort works with most Thunderbolt devices. These devices are recommended for their storage and dual port capabilities respectively because dual Thunderbolt port devices can be daisy chained together.

How do I receive a return tag and ship it back to you?

After your return request has been approved by Support, a return tag will be emailed by our UPS shipping service and will come with the heading UPS QUANTUM VIEW. In this email, you will receive a label that can be printed and attached to the original shipping box with packing tape. Package your LandingZone the way you received it, then drop it off at any UPS store location near you.

How long does it take to deliver to my address?

Once the order is shipped it, delivery will depend on your shipping address.

We send a tracking number to all customers who have used the website checkout after a packing label is created for delivery. Most of these orders ship through UPS Worldwide service or TNT worldwide, and tracking number information can be found at UPS.com or through your shipping confirmation email. This email is sent from UPS Quantum Notify or TNT.

Amazon customers also receive a confirmation email after their order has been shipped. This email comes from Amazon services which fulfills all Amazon orders.

Do I have to include my phone number when I order?

Only international customers and customers located in outlying US Customs Territories, including Puerto Rico, need to include a phone number in their shipping information. All domestic United States orders will ship without a telephone number. If you decide to include a telephone number on a domestic order or are required to on an international order or order to any outlying US Customs Territory, your phone number will only be used for delivery confirmation and continued product support as necessary. International customers and customers located in US territories must include a shipping phone number so that their order can be shipped. Without this number, our shipping service will not send any package to an international recipient. If you've found that you have left out this number and think it is required, please email us at support@landingzone.net.

How do I change my wrong order?

Contact us immediately. We generate shipping lists by noon on the day of your order and keep shipping units until 4 pm PST the same day.

My country isn't on your shipping list when I go to checkout. Can you ship to my country?

Please let us know if your country isn't on our current shipping options. We are interested in serving customers worldwide, and we will add countries to our shipping options in most cases. Ask the question by contacting us at support@landingzone.net.

What about warranty on a non-functional unit?

Our one-year limited Warranty is available after the purchase date. If you discover your device has stopped working, please contact us as soon as you can. We are committed to making an excellent working environment for our customers and want to offer you the best service available. We have sold many working models that have not needed to be exchanged. It's not a normal occurence. After contacting us, we will be able to understand what you need. In cases where an exchange is necessary, we will be able to help you and give you a functional docking station after you have returned your unit. Please see Returns for more information. In addition, these cases help us to improve our products. We are happy to have them back and better our quality of service.

How do I find my MacBook's Release Date and Size?

Does the LandingZone work with 4k monitors?

Yes. If your 4k monitor works directly connected to your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro with Retina display, it will be able to connect to the LandingZone.

My USB ports are acting strange. How do I perform a LandingZone reset?

A USB reset helps restart the USB hub on the LandingZone. If your LandingZone's USB ports suddenly stop working or are behaving strangely, use the reset method to resolve any issues.

To reset your LandingZone USB hub(s):

  • 1. Undock your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro with Retina display from the LandingZone
  • 2. Unplug the LandingZone power adapter from the LandingZone
  • 3. Restart your MacBook and wait 15 seconds to allow the USB reset to complete
  • 4. Dock the MacBook back onto the LandingZone